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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Afghanistan National Olympic Committee VI

After almost three weeks of not hearing anything, the Swim Chair called us and asked if Reshad and I could come down to his office to meet again. Today's meeting went well. I had some documents for him to look at, just basics about the game and a general plan of what I would like to see for the program. We were just talking generalizations at this point.

It was still a very one sided conversation. Rohullah was very quiet most of the time. He was very attentive and smiled alot. I do not know if he was smiling because my ideas are so farfetched or of genuine interest. He would ask an occasional question then listen for a while before asking another. We spent alot of time together, even though it was quite hot in his office.

As we were about to leave, Rohullah started speaking at lengths to Reshad. They were both speaking very quickly to each other. It seemed that Rohullah would ask Reshad a series of questions then Reshad would ask an occasional question. Both Rohullah and Reshad both saw that I was hoping to get a glimpse of what was being said. While Rohullah was speaking with him, Reshad quickly told me that we would talk about what they were discussing in the car after we left. I felt left out of my own discussion but I trusted Reshad to take care of things in my best interest.

Once Reshad and Rohullah completed their discussion, Rohullah thanked us for coming and we were on our way back to Pol-e-Charki. Once we exited the gate, Reshad started telling me what transpired. Reshad spent about ten minutes rehashing the discussion. Their discussion boiled down to my heart. Was I true in what I was proposing and would I follow through? I was proposing what they perceived as the almost impossible and Rohullah wanted to make sure that the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee and the Afghanistan National Swimming Federation were not set up for failure by falling for dreams that a Westerner threw at them and then never follows on.

Reshad also told me that they were supposed to speak on the phone tonight. I await to hear the results.

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