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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

City Council meeting at the City of Newport Beach

This evening I gave a presentation to the City Council of the City of Newport Beach. Dave Kiff, the Assistant City Manager, was the one who put us in front of the City Council after hearing what Scott McCook and I had to say about the Afghanistan National Water Polo Team.

It was a good experience, giving a presentation to the City Council. Even though I rehearsed the presentation many times, I still struggled through the presentation at times. I always felt like I was leaving something out or not telling the whole story. I was afraid that I would not say enough or say too much. I was only slated for seven minutes for all of my slides and questions. In the middle of the presentation, one of the council members asked a question. Even though it was a simple and easy question to answer (something that I should have brought up earlier in my presentation), it threw me off a little. Other than my few stumbles, I did ok and got my points across. We will see what the future holds for the Afghanistan National Water Polo Team and the City of Newport Beach.

You can watch the video at Newport Beach TV: You can fast forward on the right column by scrolling down on the right side until you see Afghanistan Water Polo or you can sit through the first ten minutes of the city council meeting.

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