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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


After a comfortable night in my hotel room I awoke to a much brighter and less dusty day in Kabul. I headed to Mr. Tawab Ahamdi's (Chairman of the Afghan Swimming Federation) company office where he conducts his construction business with his fellow engineers. We spoke at length about what's in-store for the future of the team and how we can accomplish our shared goals. He wanted me to extend his sincere thanks to everyone involved with Afghanistan Water Polo and all its supporters. We had lunch then after more discussion he decided we should go do something fun. He assembled his employees and we went bowling. This was certainly unexpected.... Who knew Afghanistan even had a bowling alley? But yes, not only is there a bowling alley, but it's a very large and modern one (built only a few months ago). We bowled and joked and had a good time, which really loosened everyone up. Everyone here has been extremely accommodating and I know they wanted to show me not only that they appreciate the work that the volunteers of Afghanistan Water Polo is doing, but also that Kabul is a "normal" city. And I've found this to be true, while of course there are security concerns, I truly do feel safe here. I know many people would disagree simply from the sight of armed guards and police everywhere, but to me that's just a sign that they have a vested interest in keeping the peace.

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